Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's not a House, it's a Home.

Greetings loyal subjects,

First post in a while, with the usual excuses. But the good news is that everything that's been keeping me from updating will be the subject of an update.

First things first: our new house.

To demonstrate the fact that we are now settled in our new abode I will reveal some shots of the little things. Those things that help make a house a home. Those things, for all of you men who've shared a house with a woman, that just appear as if by magic overnight. Those little things that mark your territory as shared. Don't ask questions; don't move them; don't put them back in the box from whence they came.

Here are a few examples:

This is a bird made out of wood. I think it's supposed to be an Oystercatcher. It's just sitting there on the windowsill.

This is the world's smallest and most out-of-proportioned Babooshka doll in the world. She looks like she's wearing a space helmet. She just sits there and watches me brush my teeth.

This is a snow-globe of Melbourne - featuring a tram and Flinders St Station. I think it's there to remind me that I don't have a tram at my door, and that it never snows in Melbourne. Or something.

This is a little crystal angel. Or a ghost. It just hangs from the window announcing to the world that 'a girl lives here'.

There appears to be an old lady with a dustbin on her head taking a wooden dump on the windowsill.

I think this is a tiny Chinese scarecrow. Only I think it is better suited to scaring off insects - of which it is doing an appalling job. A genie has yet to materialise out of the bottle, no matter how hard I rub it.

This bird was a Christmas present from her mother. When it's switched on it chirps as you pass. This thing will never be switched on again. Not unless it wants to join the birds in the trees outside.

Here we have another bird. Are the birds in the window to torment the birds outside? 'Hi, look at me, I'm IN the house!' How about 'Hi, I'm made of porcelain and will smash into a hundred pieces when Craig kicks me off the windowsill'.

I don't even know what we've got here on the bookcase. Inspector Clouseau seems to be looking for something by lamplight whilst whatever that thing is does whatever that thing is doing.
There are a couple of my things about: my magic roundabout; my Astroboy; my lucky gold Chinese waving cat. However I'll gladly pack them away for the chance to never have to look at girly tat just sitting there because, well, just because it can.

In an attempt to make this house a home I have succeeded in turning the back door into a chalkboard. It was an inspired bit of home handy decorating. Fun, too.

I shall provide further updates soon, including our magical trip to Sweden.

Warmest regards,


oil lantern said...

I love how little knick knacks make their way into my home. Some of them as gifts, others as finds that at the time I'm sure I cannot live without. Love your sharing of your little treasures in the corners of your home!

michelle said...

You know, we know. Anybody who has known you for long enough KNOWS that that crystal angel is yours mate. xx

Jess said...

Love it! I'm a bit of a culprit for the girly-tat too Craig, and my man definitely shares your bemusement!

Spiffo said...

nice post mate! keep em coming.

shalini akhil said...

loove it all , esp. the chalkboard back door!

Dylan Meikle said...

Epic, kind of