Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back. Happy New Year!

Hallo Bloggofolks,

Yes, like a phoenix I have risen from the ashes of 2011.

Where have I been? I'm glad you asked.

Since migrating to Inverness (and my subsequent move to Ardersier) I have been engaged in a rather fruitless search for gainful employment. I have been waiting for some good news to post but, alas, I have had my hopes raised only to have had them dashed on a number of occasions. So, in lieu of any good news I've decided just to get on with my life.

Actually, that's not altogether true. There has been some rather good news. Last year I submitted an application to join the local RadioSkills course. This is an only-on-of-it's-type course run by the Moray Firth Media trust (which is just a fancy name for that bit of Moray Firth Radio that does the RadioSkills course) financed by the European Social Fund.

So, why haven't you told us about this before? Good question.

There are two groups to this training course. There are those selected to come in four sessions a week Monday to Friday and train as part of the day to day operations of the radio station proper, and then there are those who are selected to attend on Monday evenings and learn in an empty studio.

For whatever reason, despite my clear desire to be one of the fortunate few selected for a coveted daytime spot, I was put onto evenings. Those that know me know that I tend to take such disappointments personally. So, despite the fact that I had been placed on this awesome course and was presented with an almost-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I wasn't much in the mood to trumpet my new status to you, my loyal readers.

So why are you telling us now? You guys ask all the right questions.

I've been trying, boy I've been really trying (and only those that know me know just how trying I can be) to impress during the evening shift of RadioSkills. And, to be fair, the coordinators of the course explained that they would try to get me onto the daytime shift at the first opportunity. And someone else's misfortune has become by opportunity. Unfortunately one of the daytime crew now has personal commitments that prevent them from honouring the requirements of the course. This is a real bummer for them, as he seemed like a really good kid who would have done really well with the break RadioSkills may have provided him. But that chance has now been handed to me, and I'm going to do everything I (reasonably) can to make sure I make the most of whatever comes my way.

This is my first week in on the daytime crew. It's demanding. It's hectic. It's exciting. And importantly, I feel like I belong. From brainstorming with the S&P Manager, to running through link ideas with the breakfast host, to selecting stories for business and show business news, even (what I've already taught myself through home recording) the studio stuff and creating packages - it really feels like a great fit for me. I hope I'm a great fit for them, also.

Phew. That was a relief, and a lot off my chest. Now that I have popped my 2012 blog cherry stay tuned for more incredible news, including the latest on wee Junior, who is now around 1.3-1.5kgs, still in Mummy's tummy and two months from taking his or her first breath.

How excitement, much?

It's nice to be back with you all again.



afb69 said...

About F$#king time!!!

Oh yeah, good luck on your new venture in radio, definitely got the head for it!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear your news. Hope I get to speak with you before the 13th!
What do you need a new guitar for anyway!!

Anonymous said...

If you're back in Melbourne this week, be sure to get along to South v Bergers.

Is being touted as CC's swansong. said...

I am very happy for you to experience a turning point in your life! Let me wish all the best on that account!

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Yang Kuo said...

Nice to hear your news. Hope I get to speak with you before the 13th!
What do you need a new guitar for anyway!!


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