Monday, May 25, 2009

The Magic Spot


Folks, it's about time.

THE MAGIC SPOT are about to make their much anticipated debut - NEXT WEEK, in fact.

Thursday 4th June 2009 AT THE ST KILDA BOWLS CLUB!! Where else, you ask? Ha! For those of you who have half a clue, this is the day after my birthday, so partying is COMPULSORY. We will be joined on the bill by "The Last of the Good Men", which is a top name for a band, and full of top blokes like Edmund G. Best Esq.

I am providing most of the vocals for The Magic Spot (as well as acoustic rhythm guitar). A set list of almost entirely original tracks - real lyrics floating on distinct melodies. we really are unlike any other band doing the Rock 'n' Roll rounds at the moment.

Andy Gibbs - No, not the dude from the Bee Gees. Andy (ex. Sydney) has been trying to make sense of my meandering arrangements for the last year or so. His sensitive treatment of melody and counterpoint on keyboard draws an evocative line through most of the collected work. A professional keys man, and an absolute gentleman.

Bec Anthony - a young stalwart of the local independent music scene, Bec is currently one of the hardest working four-string aficionados in Old Melbourne Town. Whether it's the Plumes, The Dezperados or Little Freddy and the Pops, Bec rocks it out and always looks hot on stage. But we like to think she saves her best work for The Magic Spot. Our set list is also graced by a couple of originals penned by Bec which really round off a list of extraordinary magnitude.

Ross the Boss - the first import in the squad of The Magic Spot, Ross hails from England via Scotland. A true student of the six string, Ross has been an already influential member of the team - effortlessly nominating and transcribing the most retarded of chords thrown at him by yours truly. Making sense of some of my self-indulgent baloney is really an effort forged in the spirit of our ancestors.

Get on board!

for those of you that need a bribin', there will be prizes and giveaways.

You have our gratitude.



Anonymous said...

How unlike you Craig - self promotion and modesty! I'm sure you guys are indeed the best band in the world. Look forward to checking you out! Loz

shalini akhil said...

where, mate? WHERE???

Kingsley Kingston said...

Awww, duh?

Read it again, Shalinkers... (thank god for the edit function, he, he, he...).

As if you had to ask anyway! Where else do you think I'd be playing?!

Mel_K said...

Great to hear you guys last night. And nice to see your clean-shaven face!