Monday, June 22, 2009


Honestly, people, today's tale is one of honesty.

Or the all pervading lack thereof in today's society.

Let me start with matters closer to home.

My bike helmet was stolen. Well, not my bike helmet - my brother gave (lent?) this to me a few years ago. It was mighty nice of him. But now it's gone.

Someone has either wandered in to the underground carpark and just pilfered what ever they could find, or one of my neighbours is just some low life scum. Either or, it's pretty basic. A dirty, filthy, sweaty bike helmet. I hope you enjoy your largess.

On to more federal matters. This Ute-gate" is starting to become increasingly interesting.

The fact that members of the government are trying to gag Treasury man Godwin Grech is not only appalling, but screams of 'ye doth protesteth thoroughly too much'. I also read this morning that our esteemed treasurer has admitting to buying a used car off central figure John Grant "a few years ago". Given that the car in question was a second-hand 2007 Toyota Hilux, I'm calling BULLSHIT. How can you buy a car, second hand, a few years ago, that was only released two years ago? This thing is stinking to high-heaven and, guaranteed, there will be carnage in parliament before this one's through.


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Lilli boo said...

How effing Australian.."Ute gate"..I'm now waiting for the musical! Food for thought Baz!..Oh and by the way...why not go back to your roots...dump the Pouncy Kinglsey moniker (actually I do kind alike it) and go to basics..."Bazza".. all for now...