Thursday, June 25, 2009

Embarrassment MUCH?

So we went to see this play at MTC "The Man from Munakupin" the other night.

Not bad.

Not perfect, but not bad.

Anyway, as we arrive the usher-dude says "Row A, Seats 14 & 15... right down the very front in the middle."

"Oh noes!" I says to Sheen-doll, "Oh noes! every time I sit in the front row of ANYTHING I somehow get called into the action. Like that time that magician at Parkmore-Keysborough Shopping Centre get me up to participate in that magic show."

"Nahhhh," says Sheen-doll, "you're not at stand up now. This is the theatre. Much more civilised."

So just into the second half when our hero starts another song-and-dance routine when he looks at me. Straight in the eyes. Not your usual "performer-engaging-at-crowd" look.

"Uh, oh!" methinks.

Then he averts his gaze directly at Sheen-doll and I can feel her bristle with anxiety. He's staring right at her whilst singing some song about having all the ladies fall over him once he becomes an actor.

Next thing you know he's leaped off the stage and is knelt down in front of Sheen-doll, holding her hand and singing into her eyes.

It was beautiful.

Then, later, when he's getting married to some other girl on stage he says "Sorry" to Sheen-doll, and then proceeds to flirt with her in the most geeky way imaginable.

Oh how I laughed. Sheena... blushing? Gawd, you coulda stopped traffic with it. ;)

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